What has OT Guatemala been up to?

Hola amigos!

Two weekends ago we kicked off our time away from our host families by making a 3-hour journey to Panajachel where we took a boat across Lago de Atitlan (Lake Atitlan) to a hostel to spend the weekend. It was a peaceful weekend with lots of free time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, go swimming, adventure in the town up the hill, or go scuba diving! After an awesome weekend with only a few people getting sunburned (luckily enough, not myself), we made our way back across the lake to Porche de Salomon where we spent the week working in the mountains to assist in the construction of a casa (house) for a local family.

Porche de Salomón is an organization that assists in development and humanitarian aid for people in and around Panajachel. It was a long four days of helping them with the beginning stage of the construction of this house. Through hard labour, lugging cement blocks up a steep hill and digging a foundation for the house, we were able to help make the workers’ jobs easier in the following weeks. Although we tired ourselves out with our work, we still managed to have some fun with each other, the family that we were working alongside, and the other workers involved!

Below are a few photos to give you an idea of what our week looked like 🙂

SP 1

Our group with the family and our last day of work!

SP x2

Carrying sand and bricks up the hill

SP x4

Laying out the sand


SP x5

Learning how to cut and bend wire

This past week has been eventful due to the majority of our group getting sick because of something we consumed along our adventure away from San Juan. After a few trips to the hospital with various students, we’re all on the road to recovery. The doctors were great and with some antibiotics we should all be back to normal in no time.

Although illness crept its way into our group, our time in Panajachel is one that won’t be forgotten. One additional aspect was that the view of the lake surrounded by volcanoes along with the colourful town was breathtaking! Another was that there was so much to learn from the people around us, either the volunteers of Porche de Salomon or people we met in the mercado (market) or from each other. I think there was a lot of growth in the appreciation of hard physical work and learning how to accomplish the tasks set out for us as a team.

SP x6

Enjoying zip-lining and high ropes as a group on the weekend

SP x7

Breathtaking sunset we got to enjoy 🙂

Currently we are back in San Juan del Obispo with our host families for two more weeks of Spanish classes. And this afternoon (Friday, Feb. 7) we will be hiking Volcán de Pacaya, where we will roast marshmallows on volcanic heat vents at the top! Stay tuned to read about our adventures on the volcano.

That’s all for today,

Hasta luego!


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