Segunda Semana de Español


Our second week of homestays brought us into a sense of routine. Each morning we ate at our homes with our host families, and from Monday to Thursday we attended Spanish school. We returned home for lunch with our families, then headed off to various activities. The evenings were free, and were usually spent with friends, working on homework, spending time with host families, or catching up on sleep.

friends x1

Monday afternoon we had PMG’s (peer mentoring groups). This is a group that we were assigned to at the start of first semester. It is a group consisting of three students with no leaders, and we are able to make it what we want. It is a great opportunity for fun, deep conversations, and supporting each other.



Tuesday afternoon was our first day of service placements. Students had the opportunity to choose from 5 different service options that we will work with each Tuesday during the remaining 4 weeks of Spanish and homestays. The options are: helping at a hospital for kids with cerebral palsy, teaching kids English at a Spanish school, offering our time at an old folk’s home, helping at an addictions counselling center, and helping construct a trades school with a long-time partner, Hilmar. It is a great opportunity to give back to the people of this country.

tuesday service x 1

Tuesday service

Wednesday afternoon we had small groups; it was the first time that small groups were led by students. Small groups is a set group of 7 students and one leader, and we do many different things. We will be leading small group throughout the semester, giving us the opportunity to use our creative abilities to lead a small group meeting for our fellow students. This is one of the many ways that we are able to develop independence, leadership, and to expand our comfort zones.

Thursday afternoon we had an opportunity to give back to the community of San Juan del Obispo that is so graciously hosting us. We split into groups and cleaned up the streets of the town. In the evening our group reconvened at the school for our weekly worship. Students on worship committee plan all the worship events and bring their various talents into their leading styles.

Finishing up the first two weeks of Spanish school with a test on Thursday, we hit the road to the beautiful lakeside city of Panajachel, then took a boat for a relaxing weekend at the town of Santa Cruz on Lake Atitlan.


Hasta la proxima vez,

William y Rachel


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