Learning to hear Gods Voice


Nearing the end of our first semester, we had Steve Klassen come and speak to us about listening to God. He talked much about his experiences with God speaking to him and giving insight into his life. He had many fascinating stories about getting an impression from the Lord to do something and, after he did that specific thing even though it was strange and didn’t make sense in the moment, he could see how God worked through that and did something amazing. He also told many stories of people that he knows who are in tune with God’s voice. His friend Jamie, a police officer, has had many encounters with God speaking to him to do what seems like random, strange ideas, leading to lives becoming touched by the good news of Jesus. It was pretty amazing to listen to Steve talk about the many times that God moments have happened simply by listening.


Steve encouraged us to slow down and to listen to God’s voice by simply being silent. People are so busy these days, and it is hard for us to take time to just be. He told us about the many ways God speaks to God’s people: through the Bible, other people, small voices, impressions, or many other ways. Steve also brought to our attention the ways we can try to figure out if what we are hearing is God or other voices, which was important to hear so we can try to distinguish what we are hearing.

image1 (2)

On Wednesday we had a silent day. The entire day we were not supposed to talk, or even text. We were encouraged to take time to meditate on Scripture, read poems, reflect on the Lord and our lives, and listen. Many people went hiking, sat outside, or reflected on Scripture. A lot of students felt words or pictures from God during the silent time. In the evening we broke the silence with worship, praising the Lord for his goodness and faithfulness. Many people shared stories of their day, about how they felt God’s presence or heard from God. Almost everybody said they enjoyed the silence and solitude, wanting to partake in more stillness in the future instead of constantly being busy.

IMG_0668 (1)

Lessons were learned from the silent day, as being still, being silent is not a normal activity in our lives today. We learned from Steve the importance of being silent, and listening to God throughout our day. God has many important things to say to God’s children, if we but take the time to listen.

Catch you later,


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