Dan’s the Man

Hey Y’all,

At the beginning of October we were at Camp Assiniboia and attended lectures during the week at Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) that were led by Professor Dan Epp-Tiessen. As much as I love the adventurous routine we’ve been a part of, I really enjoyed having one week of being back in a classroom for a bit. Dan’s lecture series looked at the Bible as a drama in six acts. We focused on the creation story, the fall of humanity, God forming God’s people, Jesus establishing the reign of God, how the church carries on Jesus’ ministry, and Jesus’ second coming.

Before going to these lectures, I thought I knew my Bible rather well, but now I realize there’s so much more that I don’t know. After listening to such captivating lectures by Dan, my eyes were opened to further studying who God is and the book that God gave us. After what seemed like such a short few days of lectures at CMU, we were able to have a rest day followed by a barn dance at the camp we were staying at. It was definitely a night filled with fun and laughter; participating in a pie walk, square dancing, and auctioning off home-made pies.


On Sunday, we went into downtown Winnipeg to attend church at Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Church. This is also the church that we stayed at in the days that followed as we participated in our Urban Plunge! I was very nervous but also really excited for what the next week held, but you will hear all about that in the next post!

Thanks for reading,


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