Learning About Theology

Hello Family and Friends!

At the beginning of September we stayed at Camp Arnes where we had the first speaker of our year: Janessa Nayler-Giesbrecht. She encouraged us to think about our own theology, based on where we have come from and what we have learned before; to think intentionally about where we are and what we believe. As an exercise to discover prior theological backgrounds, us students were told to answer some questions regarding our experiences with theology. These included “Who in my life taught me about God?” “What do I think matters to God?” “What Bible verses taught me about God?” as well as some others, simply to get the ball rolling for the start of the session series; to awaken in our minds the answers we had already pertaining to theology. This exercise was really helpful as each student could see where they are coming from in their knowledge of the study of God.

The four lenses we were told to use to learn more about theology and discover more about the topic were as follows: the Bible, context, community, and experience. There were several key points from the sessions, one being that the community we are in helps to shape our theology, but the Bible is the most important reference point for everything. On the third and last day, the topic of the session was Jesus and Theology; how Jesus is the centre of everything we see as Christians. Based on that truth, an important Bible passage is the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. Jesus taught many important principles during this extended sermon.

To wrap up the theology sessions, we held a prayer exercise to listen to the Lord and what Jesus has to say to us. One student described it as a “unique and different way of praying because you don’t always wait to hear for an answer.” I think it’s important to pray, and also listen to the Lord. Because theology is something you learn, and the best way to learn about the Lord is through a relationship.

See ya next time!



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