New Beginnings

IMG_3169-21Greetings and salutations,

We just finished our first week of adventure at the Manitoba Pioneer Camp (MPC) in Northwestern Ontario!

After our first night at the camp, all 36 students headed out in two groups to begin a four day canoe trip around Shoal Lake. Some of us had never been on a canoe trip before while others felt right at home, giving us a well-balanced group of paddlers. Some of the highlights of our trip included; exploring gold mines, spotting swans, eagles, and enjoying the beautiful view of God’s creation.

Expecting simple meals on our canoe trip we were pleasantly surprised by the extravagant meals prepared by the Pioneer Camp staff and the cooking skills of fellow students. Thanks to all for keeping our bellies full throughout the week.

One of the days on the lake was extremely windy so we decided to put our “flotilla” skills to work, and drifted in an attached fleet of canoes across the massive open stretch of Shoal Lake. This technique wouldn’t have worked if the wind wasn’t blowing in our favour, and for that we thank God.

After the canoe trip, back at Pioneer Camp, we were able to make new friendships with some students from the David Kejick School that came to MPC in the afternoon. We did various activities with them such as canoeing, hiking, and playing some field games. It’s funny to think back to the first day when everyone was nervous and shy, except for a rare few.

After four days of getting to know each other, with our wet stinky socks, and crazy morning tent hair, not only had the awkwardness and uncertainty dissolved but we had become a family.

We went over orientation for the next few days; getting to know our schedules, and deepening our relationship with our leaders and each other.

Overall it was a successful week and we are currently enjoying the pleasure of having Janessa Nayler-Giesbrecht be our first speaker. She introduced us to Theology and Identity as we stay at Camp Arnes.

Kiera, Christopher, and Eileen

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