Outtatown Site Leaders

Hola amigos! 

Students – get used to seeing these beauties a lot because we are the Site Leaders for 2019-2020!! 

It is hard to believe that in only a few short days students will arrive on campus, we will load up the vans, and depart on our big adventure as a community around Canada and Guatemala. We have spent the last week and a half in staff training: planning sessions, testing out nicknames, practicing Spanish, solving riddles about the zombie apocalypse, and packing supplies in preparation for the year ahead; and we are beginning to feel a bit restless with anticipation in finally being able to meet our students! 

We have spent time praying for the students as they navigate goodbyes, processing all their feelings about starting program, and all the last minute packing that they may have been procrastinating. 

Please pray for us as we continue to prepare to welcome students and be unified as a staff leadership team! 

Looking to meeting students and parents this Sunday! 

Mucho love from,

Kathleen, Karissa, Rachael, Shawn, Luke

OT Group Photo


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