Independent Service Week

Hello once again, friends and family!

Here in Guatemala we’ve been enjoying the sunshine and working hard, as we just finished our independent service week.  We were split into smaller groups and sent out to various ministries in and around Antigua to serve and learn. Our groups were composed solely of students – no leaders – so we had many opportunities to grow as leaders ourselves, and collaborators. During the week, we lived with and served alongside our ministry partners. Once again, the group dynamic changed because many of us were in different locations and each group had a different experience. I think this was a very valuable experience for us though, because it was very fun to share our unique stories with each other when we were reunited at the end, and learn about how we each grew from our experiences.

I was in a group of five who were sent to serve at a ministry called Senderos de Luz, in Santa Lucia Milpas Altas. During our time with them, we packed backpacks full of shoes, which had all been donated to the mission, and gave them out to children who were in need of a new pair. We also did home visits and prayed with people, which was very moving for all of us. So many people, complete strangers, welcomed us into their homes. It was beautiful and inspiring, and really shows that love transcends all boundaries, even language barriers. One woman in particular I will always remember. As we entered her house, she immediately began to pray powerful blessings over us, and as we listened in amazement, our hearts were touched.

The other groups also had impactful experiences in their service placements. Many of the other placements involved teaching in schools, caring for children in an orphanage, assisting nuns with various chores, and doing any other jobs they could that would assist the ministry they were serving alongside.


Overall, this was a very impactful and inspiring week. God is moving and working in so many ways in Guatemala, and the selfless ways that these ministries serve is proof of that. By serving and watching the work that they do, we have not only been humbled by their generosity and love, but inspired to serve with the same joyful attitude that they have. This week has been a huge blessing, and we are very grateful for the opportunities we had to serve with them.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Sending our love your way.


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