Loving Life in San Juan

Hola again friends and family back home!

This marks our fourth week in San Juan del Obispo, living with our host families and going to Spanish school. Crazy to think we are nearly two thirds of the way done; only two more weeks left of life in San Juan. This semester is flying by unbelievably fast and we often find ourselves wondering “where the time has gone?”,  or, “how are we already this far into this semester?” At times I have to sit back and really reflect on how amazing an opportunity this is and appreciate all that I am experiencing, the good and the not so good.

Our past week consisted of the usual activities when in San Juan. We had Spanish class everyday and our regular service projects on Tuesday. One new event on Monday afternoon was having the pastor from the church we’ve been attending in Antigua come share with us. He told us a bit about his family’s experience moving to Guatemala and then the work they’ve been doing for the past eight years. After his story, he read a chapter from the Bible and we all reflected on how we can put ourselves in that Bible story. It was quite refreshing, and a bit of a reminder of last semester, having this pastor come in and speak into our lives. Another new activity was a birthday celebration for all the Outtatowners on Wednesday night. It was pan dulce (sweet bread) themed; a Guatemalan snack we’ve all very much been enjoying. There were relay races, eating competitions, and decorating contests. Let’s just say the local bakeries won’t be seeing us as often for a while, after all the pan dulce we’ve consumed.


Note the confetti in everyone’s hair! Happy Valentine’s Day…Guatemala style

Valentine’s Day rolled around and the exam at school wasn’t going to put a damper on the mood. A group of students made valentines for everyone and really spread some extra loving around the community that day. Guatemala celebrates the significance of love in friendships and family. They show this love a bit differently around here from what we’re used to back at home. It often consists of smashing an egg full of confetti or flour on someone’s head. Then rubbing the contents all into their hair, whether they’re family or complete strangers on the street.

It was nice being able to spend time in San Juan again and expand our Spanish vocabulary a little bit more. Our teachers taught us how to use past and future tense so now when we speak, we make a bit more sense. I’m sure our host families are appreciative. We wrote our second exam on Thursday before embarking on our two week travels away from San Juan. We do love life in San Juan, but are all very excited for what’s to come and what we’ll see next.

Thanks for reading and taking some time to experience this adventure with us!

Until next time,


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