Building a Firm Foundation

Hola everyone!

What an amazing week we have just come from in Panajachel. We had the amazing guat 10.1opportunity to explore more of this beautiful country that we get to call home for the next few months. Our first weekend there we spent soaking up the sun, swimming in the beautiful Lake Atitlan, and zip-lining. Words can’t describe the beauty that we were surrounded by these past 10 days.

We worked alongside an organization called Solomon’s Porch, they were amazing to get to know and learn from.

guat 10.2.jpg

Monday was our first day on the job, we drove out about 45 minutes from Panajachel To meet the family we would be serving, and working alongside that week. It was such an amazing experience meeting this family and seeing their joy and anticipation for a house that is going to be built for them. It was a bit of a hike getting up to the site of their new house, so the size of our group really made a large impact on the progress that was made this week. In between shoveling dirt and hauling bricks up the hill, we took time to guat 10.3interact with the family and get to know them. The kids were thrilled to play just about anything with anyone. Solomon’s Porch emphasized to us that the house would be built no matter what, but the relationships between us and the family would require our time and effort. This week proved to us that speaking the same language isn’t necessary for spreading and receiving love and building relationships. Although we didn’t get to see the house completed, we did get to take part in building the foundation. A foundation built by the compassion and hard work of our community, that will stay with that family for many happy years to come.

We would work from about 9:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon. Our evenings consisted of Porch taking us to restaurants to get a taste for the culture in Panajachel…literally. One evening we even got to sit in on a marimba show and participate in a tortilla making competition.

guat 10.0

Our last day on the site was bittersweet, as most last days are here on Outtatown. We surrounded the family one last time and thanked them for welcoming us in and allowing us to serve and work alongside them. We prayed blessings over them for a happy and healthy future in their new home and then said our goodbyes to the family and neighbouring families as well. They also took a few moments to bless us and thank us. Then we departed Panajachel via boat for Santa Cruz where we spent the weekend relaxing and recuperating at a hostel. We had various activity opportunities to participate in, such as: scuba diving, hiking, and traditional backstrap weaving lessons. We took in the last views of the lake and surrounding volcanoes before heading back to San Juan del Obispo, all looking forward to a little bit of familiarity.

Overall, God was very present in and around all of us this week, whether that was through service or nature. We were humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have servant hearts and serve a beautiful family this week. This is a week I personally will never forget.

We now are back home and adjusting back to life in San Juan del Obispo and Spanish school.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, we appreciate them always.

Hasta luego,


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