Sunshine and Service

guat 9.0Hola friends and family! Since you last heard from us, we’ve been soaking up the warm Guatemalan sun and enjoying life in San Juan del Obispo! This past week has been a peaceful one as we’ve settled into our new homes, gotten to know our host families more, and have been improving our Spanish in school.

Living with a host family has been an amazing experience. These people who were complete strangers to me only a week ago have now become so familiar to me! I’ve shared many laughs with them (often over my ridiculous Spanish mistakes), and I look forward to coming home after school and at the end of the day to their warm smiles and delicious food.
guat 9.2
On Tuesday we had a service day! We were split into groups and sent to different ministries and organizations. Some of us went to serve at an orphanage in San Lucas, others were working with a program called Senderos de Luz, which provides food and education, and others taught English in a schoolhouse. Another group went and spent time helping in a seniors’ home and another had the opportunity to help in a cerebral palsy hospital. It was a day full of hard work for many of us, but it was very inspiring to see how God is moving and working in the communities of Guatemala through these local organizations. I was sent to the orphanage, and those of us who visited were amazed at the joy with which the volunteers served. Our afternoon was spent playing with the children living there, and their smiles, laughter, and excitement for the world around them was humbling and wonderful to witness.

guat 9.1

We also drove to Antigua to partake in a salsa dancing class this week! The result of this afternoon was tons of laughter, hilarious confusion, and only a few stepped-on toes. We twirled, sashayed, and laughed our heads off. It’s been awesome to spend time all together as a community again through events like this, after living in separate host families and having much more free time this week. This is an activity we will not forget, and will laugh about for a long time to come!

On Friday, we said goodbye to our host families and left for Panajachel for the next week! We’ve just arrived at this beautiful spot, and have been enjoying the colourful markets, bustling city, and beautiful Lake Atitlan. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Until next time,


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