Who do you say He is?


Greetings friends and family! Our days since the Urban Plunge in Vancouver have been filled with both learning and laughter, as well as deep reflection and processing what we experienced during our week in the city.

This past week, we welcomed an instructor by the name of Paul Cumin. He taught us about different worldviews and their life outlooks, and compared and contrasted them with Christian beliefs. For example, we discussed how life looks through the beliefs of atheism and pantheism. He also introduced us to the concept of ‘me-ism,’ and how in our walks of faith it’s easy for us to pick and choose aspects of our beliefs, or verses in the Bible that we like, and leave out the ones we don’t love so much. This in particular sparked all of our attentions and it caused us to deeply reflect on our own lives and how we live out our faith.

As Paul continued to teach us, he reminded us of Matthew 16:15; “But what about you? Jesus asked. Who do you say I am?” Paul implored us to seek for ourselves who Jesus is to us, and not answer the question with a ‘cookie-cutter’ response; he really prompted us to discover for ourselves who Jesus truly is to each of us personally. I’ll always remember this one quote that he mentioned to us; “we are incognito even to ourselves, until we find ourselves in Christ.” It was awesome to really dig into our faith, and we all learned so much. At the end of the week, each of us felt full of new knowledge and insight.

In the middle of the week, we participated in a service day at Camp Squeah. We were divided into small groups and instructed to do a variety of different chores around the camp. For some of us, this looked like splitting wood into smaller logs, carrying the wood in wheelbarrows, stacking firewood, or raking, to name a few of the tasks. As we laughed and sang through the tasks assigned to us, we found so much joy in our work.  My group developed quite the rhythm as we passed firewood between us for stacking, passing the wood along to the beat of the music we listened to. It was a day full of hard, but fulfilling work, knowing that we were blessing the camp that has been so graciously hosting us.

We also had our site Christmas banquet together! (Yes, it’s only November, but the end of the semester is approaching rapidly!) As jolly Christmas tunes played, we sat down to a candlelit feast of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. (Huge thanks, Camp Squeah kitchen staff!!) After this delicious meal, we gathered in a circle, and gave each other secret Santa gifts! They were all homemade, and there was a wonderful combination of sweet and hilarious gifts alike. It’s amazing how creative everyone got, and as we each gave and received the little presents, we reflected on how well we’ve all come to know each other, and that we’ve become so much like a family. It was a wonderful evening, and an incredible way to finish off the week!

Thanks for reading! Next week we’ll be heading out of British Colombia and making our way back across Canada. Continue praying for us as we roam and debrief in Alberta!



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