Sunday’s Almost Here!


Wow, crazy that we are just a few days away from meeting all our students! We as site leaders have been on campus at CMU for a couple weeks now.  Essentially our time here has been in preparation to help the students have the best year possible!

One of the highlights has been bonding as a leadership team.  We’ve been sharing meals together, sharing life stories with each other, going thrift shopping and all sorts of other things.  We are thankful for our connection as team, especially because it encourages us towards connection with and service to our students when they arrive this Sunday!

Know that as we finish our last minute preparations, we are in deep prayer for all our students.  Safe travels to all, blessings on all the goodbyes at home, may the Lord meet all those in their nerves about coming here, and may he also build the excitement for what’s to come.

Hasta Domingo!

Your Guatemala Site Leaders Brette, Rachel, Luke and Dave

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