Canoe Trip & Orientation Week

By Elaina Wagenman

Hello friends and family! Greetings from Site 1 Guatemala!

I can hardly believe that exactly one week ago we were saying goodbye to our loved ones at CMU and beginning this adventure with 2 van loads of complete strangers. After arriving at Manitoba Pioneer Camp on Shoal Lake, we departed on a 4 day canoe trip in the wilderness. Nothing brings a group of 23 people together like canoeing through strong winds, eating around a campfire on a secluded island, snuggling in tents through a wicked thunderstorm, and especially completing a 2km portage. This experience helped us to remove all barriers, connect deeply with the people around us, and face our fears as some of us cliff jumped for the first time. We came out of this experience with over 40 km travelled and a tight knit community with positive and encouraging attitudes, an ability to work together in new and sometimes difficult situations, and friends who still liked us even if we hadn’t showered in what felt like forever.

Some themes that were discussed during our canoe trip were ideas of beauty and brokenness. Each and everyone of us coming from different environments and backgrounds, were able to recognize and appreciate the beauty and brokenness surrounding us; both in creation and in ourselves and each other.

Upon arriving back at Manitoba Pioneer Camp, we began orientation week. Our site leaders shared their testimonies, we chose our committees for the year (including media, worship, van maintenance, and entertainment). As a group we brainstormed and created a “community covenant”, a unifying mission statement to guide our community. By creating this covenant, we felt connected by our common values, goals, and shared purpose as an Outtatown family.

Please pray for our community as we transition into an instruction based week of seminars about the Old Testament at Roseau River Bible Camp!

Until next time!

OT Guat




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