By Grace, Through Faith

Wow! Another week has flown by in San Juan! Es muy rapido!
This past week has been filled with many different adventures such as climbing Volcan de Pacaya, helping in our service projects, and continuing to learn Spanish. We have been super busy and learning lots!  Out of all of these incredible activities, my favourite part of this week was getting to play with the children at an after school program called “Niños del Mundo”, for children who don’t have the best support at home.

My small group was the first to visit the children on Wednesday. We have been studying the book ‘What’s so Amazing About Grace?’ by Philip Yancey, and were looking forward to understanding a deeper meaning of the term grace as we interacted with the kids. As we entered, we had no idea what to expect, only that we had a little over an hour to love these kids.
We met about fifty smiling children, ages five to twelve, who enjoyed playing games such as musical chairs, tag, and Pato Pato Ganso (duck duck goose). The time with them flew by! It was a phenomenal day and we looked forward to returning.
On Thursday, all twenty of us got to go to spend time with the kids, bringing along with us cakes and piñatas. This time there were many more kids and way more chaos, but still a wonderful time of getting to reconnect with our friends from the day before and meet new ones.

As we spent time with the kids, the theme of grace kept appearing. We had to have grace for each other in the overwhelming chaos of screaming kids, we had to have grace for the kids when they plunked themselves down on our lap then proceeded to snot and sneeze all over, and the children had to have grace for us and our very broken Spanish. One of my favourite quotes from the book I mentioned earlier is “Grace means there is nothing we can do to make God love us more and there is nothing we can do to make God love us less.”  God’s love for us and for the children is unconditional. And we were blessed to be able to share that this week.

-Kari on behalf of Guattatown


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