Girls Week!


All the gals from Site 1!

Hola Amigos! We’re a little late on this one but I’m here to tell you all about our Girls Week. On October 23 we made our way from Redberry Bible Camp in Saskatchewan to Rivers Edge in Alberta! Here we met up with the girls from the second Outtatown site, South Africa. This was a very exciting time for many students from Manitoba and Ontario who had not seen mountains before! Going into this was also a little bit of a culture shock. Our site consists of 17 students, as well as 3 leaders, and when we met up with South Africa, we realized that they have more girls than we have students! This took a little getting used to. However, soon fast friendships were formed as they welcomed us to the camp they had been staying at for the last week.

Our speaker this week was Darlene Enns-Dyck. Our overarching theme for the week was purity in the eyes of Jesus, and what purity really is. We really delved into difficult topics such as purity rings, sex before marriage, and what it really means to be clean. She brought up the idea of cleanliness being deeper than we envision it, and how Jesus is always redefining purity. She was certainly a speaker we won’t forget.

When we weren’t sitting in sessions, our lovely leaders planned some great activities for us! We had wrestling championships, went on a hike at Lake Louise, did some Holy Yoga (instructed by Alison Goerzen), a spa night with some well-deserved pampering, and went into Calgary to tackle some escape rooms! We also put together 25 or so questions for the guys to answer. We asked them about everything from how often they completely zone out, to what they think of girls who’ve had sex before marriage, and what they think of how the Bible describes a Man’s role. In return, the guys also asked us some questions which we answered. This was a challenging time as we dove into how women are oppressed in today’s society, and shared our own stories.

Girls week was one of the most beneficial weeks that we have had as a community, as we took time to connect with each other, and got some time away from the guy’s crazy shenanigans! We learned a lot, laughed a lot, and grew together, and found excellent friends in the South Africa site. We will certainly cherish these times forever.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Site One Guatemala


The girls from both the Guatemala and South Africa Sites at Lake Louise. 



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