The Winnipeg Urban Plunge

A number of weeks late but better late than never!

Hey Ya’ll! A few weeks late, however I’m happy to say we have successfully accomplished urban plunge number 1 in downtown Winnipeg. What exactly is an Urban plunge you ask? So this time around we teamed up with MB mission and their ‘Discipleship on Mission’ team to learn about the poverty in our backyard. So on Tuesday, October 4th we headed to One88 princess with lots of anticipation for what was ahead. Day one started with a session lead by Janelle from MB mission where we talked about what is in store as we headed out to tour the north end of Winnipeg. We were split up into groups of 3 and given a bag with $2 each, bus passes, a map and 8 locations to visit while roaming around the city. Some locations included, rooming houses, soup kitchens, drop in centres for adults and youth and immigration resource centres. Each team had different experiences while learning more about the injustices and how we can build bridges to understanding the people in the circumstances we encountered. Some teams were able to talk to people they met on the street, and were given the opportunity to pray over them. Kari, Steph and Caleb spent their $6 dinner on pizza. After praying that God would provide them with a specific person to give the left over pizza to they looked around them to notice a man waving them down across the street. Walking over with pizza in hand the man was ecstatic to be given the pizza. The group explained that he was overjoyed just from that simple act of kindness. While some groups were able to show Jesus’ love by just being able to learn about the different organizations we were introduced to. The next two days we were given different locations to serve at, whether it was yard work at a rooming house, chatting with people at a drop in centre or serving lunch at a soup kitchen. Each one of us came from that experience in a different way. Heather, Kayla and Cassidy were given the opportunity to paint a mural on the wall of Manitoba house, an after school program house for at risk children in the downtown area of Winnipeg. They also got to hangout with the awesome kids that came for dinner and bible study after school. Steph, Alex, Shelby and Caleb were given the opportunity to visit The Law Courts in Winnipeg. Here they learned more about the justice system, specifically towards gang culture. They were able to sit in on multiple court cases and toured the city to learn more about specific gangs within Winnipeg. Adam, Julia, Max and Cassidy got to go to the Indigenous family centre. There they got to participate in a sharing circle where they heard first hand stories of cultural genocide within our society, the injustices indigenous people face and ways to move forward toward reconciliation. Overall it was a very impactful 3 days in downtown Winnipeg, we can’t wait for Urban Plunge #2 in Downtown Vancouver.

Site One Guatemala!!!



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