Welcome to Outtatown!


Hola Amigos! Welcome to Site One Guatemala!

Thanks for checking out our very first blog post! We’d like to share a bit about us, our hopes for our community and things for you to get stoked about. As you’ve been packing for departure, we’ve been preparing for our time together…Hanging out with “Cameron the Goat!”, planning and packing and coming up with awesome nicknames. Carissa (Rostern, SK) is “Ris,” Renee (St. Catharines, ON) is “Ren” and Andrew (Calgary, AB) is “Rew.” The 3R’s first objective is to create a welcoming environment for you to enter into our new community. We hope to foster the fluorishment of each student in your own unique journey of knowing yourself, God and the world. There’s so much goodness we trust God has in store for us. Look forward to learning from excellent instructors, exploring Creation, bungee jumping, crawling through caves, embracing diverse communities and just “being” with one another. We’re excited, and we hope you are too! See you soon!

~ Ren, Rew & Ris

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