“Pay Attention”

Pay attention.

If I were to pick a theme from a week with our speaker Steve Klassen talking to us about hearing God’s voice, that would be it.

Over the past year I’ve worked quite a bit on hearing the voice of God; getting to know His character and taking time to just listen rather than talk.

But this week with Steve, I was learning to not only take time to slow down and listen but to also be paying attention in every moment of daily life.

Paying attention to promptings from the Lord.

Paying attention to our heart and what brings it to life. 

“We can pay attention to our heart because God is there and at work.” Always.

What kind of a God are we listening to?

And how do we respond?

Well, after two days of instruction, we got to put the things we’d been learning into practice by taking a whole day to be silent and spend time with the Lord.

I tried so hard not to make plans for that day and instead let God tell me what to do.

But that morning I woke up and all God told me was, “Slow down. Be still. And come do what you love with me.”

Do what I love? You mean you’ll allow me to do that?
I felt like blind Bartimaeus when Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Well I love trees. Specifically lots of them altogether. And I love mountains. So I ventured out into the BC rainforest that morning in search of a famous spot owned by the camp that we were staying at called the ‘Hermitage’.

I had no idea what I was looking for and I actually almost missed it. But walking along the trail up the side of the mountain, I was reminded what it was like to just hang out with Jesus; just like a friend.

And after about a 15 minute hike I found the moss covered buildings hiding between and around a bunch of giant rocks and very tall trees.

I seriously felt like I was in Lord of the Rings. It was incredible.

I sat in awe of the Lord and His creation; in openness to His love.

For probably almost 3 hours.


“Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life.” – Psalm 23:6

God reminded me of these words from Psalm 23 and that He knows me.
And because He knows me, He knows my every thought and every fear. So as I began to be honest with Him and speak out these fears (that He already knows anyway), He was able to speak truth over them.
The Truth that He is ultimately in control of things and truth that I am His beloved and He wants to bless me.

And my only response to this was to worship out of pure joy from the Lord.

God wanted to do something for me this day. He wanted to show me what a good Father He is and how much He truly cares about what I want; how much He truly does want me to pursue the desires that He’s placed in my heart and be able to give Him glory through that.

He wanted to remind me to pay attention.

And what an opportunity to be able to take a whole day of solitude within our busy lives and spend it with the Lord.

“Imagine the immeasurable growth and change there would be if you spent time with me like this more often,” He said.

So then as we are going, I fully believe that we need to remember to take time out, like even Jesus did, and to listen all the more.

– Mikaela Friesen


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