Guy/Girl Week 2015

From October 26 to November 1, Outtatown students split up according to gender. The ladies stayed at one camp and the guys stayed at another. This made for a fun week with new friendships and many fun activities. Here are a couple stories from the week:

Girls Week – Alexis Ogaranko


For one whole week the girls and guys were split up for what is known as Guy/Girl Week- the girls going to Camp Evergreen and the guys going to Pioneer Ranch. I was nervous for Girl’s Week because I hadn’t interacted with other people outside the Guatemala site. However, it was nice being able to talk to others about the program who can relate and get to hear about their experiences doing the same things as us.

Our speaker was Dana Penner. The first day, she got us to walk with a partner from the other group and answer one of the many questions she asked us, such as, “What was a fun experience you had with a group of girls and who is a female you look up to?” It was a great way to talk to the South Africa girls and get to know them a little more.

A tradition of girl/guy week is having the guys send us questions about females and the girls send the guys questions about males. We had the opportunity to ask anything we wanted to know about the opposite gender and have it answered by them. Some of the questions we asked were things like, “Why do you wear your pants so low?” (it sounds really stupid but is something many of us have always wanted to know!). We asked them some serious questions too such as, “Do guys have insecurities just like females and if so what are some of them?” It was a fun way to get to know guys a little more and have our deep burning questions answered.

Overall, it was a very action packed week but a very fun one at that. It was great to be with just girls for a while and really get to know the South Africa site more. I really enjoyed taking a break from our usual schedule and do something different for a change.

Guy’s Week – Brandon Fraser

This past week, the Site 1 – Guatemala and Site 2 – South Africa guys came together for the week. We gathered just outside of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta at Pioneer Ranch. The week was filled laughs, fun times, learning, and adventures.

This week, we had Kevin Snyder come from Langley, British Columbia to speak to us. Kevin was great to have around during the week. He spent alot of time with us and also went paintballing with us too. During the  week Kevin spoke to us about Psalm 139 and went in depth with it. He spread it out into 5 different sections: God speaks to us, God hears us, God knows us, God made us, and God is with us.

Getting to know Kevin through his sessions and as he hung out with us this week was a real blessing. What stuck out to me was the session when he talked about God hearing us. For me, before the year started I have been told many times that God hears us. However, I struggled to believe that for quite a bit of time because when things were going wrong in my life I felt that God wasn’t hearing me when I prayed to him. But when Kevin spoke to us about it, it really felt like God was telling him to tell me that God does hear us and that we need to be patient with him.

I sometimes struggle to have patience no matter what the circumstance is, but after that session I feel that patience is the key for us as we seek God to answer us. Overall, Guy’s week was an encouragement to us all as we heard Kevin’s wise words spoken to us.

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