“… But That is Just Not the Case!”

Well, now that we all know each others names and also how smelly we can get when we can’t shower for 4 days, we actually have to go to class and do work. Last week we had the privilege of having Jodie Smith from British Columbia instruct us on the Old Testament. To start things off we were given a quiz on all the stuff we learned in Sunday school, but forgot. That actually went really well. She walked us through most of the 39 books within a short 4 day timespan (we can now recite the 10 plagues; mothers should be proud).

The main theme throughout the classes was the idea of God being a God of love and justice throughout the Old Testament, and not just in the New Testament. Many people are under the misconception that the God of the Old Testament is purely a God of wrath. But that is just not the case.

As we dove into the Scripture it was evident that the Isrealites had a knack for straying away from God. They found comfort in other gods and material things. Although they messed up a lot, God stayed faithful and continued to show grace. Today in the church, it is commonly assumed that the Old Testament isn’t relevant to life today, but like the Isrealites we all go astray. Somehow even when we are at our worst God is still constant, holding our hand through it all. Nobody here came from a perfect life, but God has a divine plan for every one of us.

One of the most interesting parts of the week was going through Psalms and learning about the different Hebrew poetic devices that David used to write these songs. Our mothers will also be proud to know that we know what the 5 different parellelisms are that are used throughout the book of Psalms. We also dicussed the group of books about the Prophets. We learned about these God-sent men that warned the people of God’s wrath, and of course they didnt listen (they got slapped with fishes instead). We finished off the sessions with another quiz (the exact same one we did on the first day) just to provide ourselves with a feeling of satisfaction. Don’t worry; nobody did worse on the second quiz.

At the end of the lectures we had the opportunity to partake in an Old Testament Rock Ceremony. Each person had a rock, and we each shared something that we had learned during the week that we wanted to remember about God . Then we placed the rocks in a pile on the side of a little path within the camp so that every time we walked past it we would remember what we had said.

Overall it was a great week and we learned a lot from Jodie. It was great to have her.