Mountains and Bridges. No Biggie.

After our Vancouver Urban Plunge, we ventured out to Pemberton, BC, a small town just north of Whistler. We had the opportunity to stay at Copperdome Lodge, a retreat center just outside of Pemberton, for a much needed weekend after having experienced a long week exploring the downtown east side in the pouring rain. We were able take some time and relax before we headed back to Camp Squeah for more instruction from Steve Klassen and Jay Janzen. However we were able to fit in a little fun while we were there.

We had the exciting opportunity to go jumping 160 feet off a bridge while we were in Whistler. Of course it was while we were harnessed to a bungee cord. I(Rebecca) had such an amazing time while we were there! I had requested to go first because if I watched other people jump I probably would have gotten too scared to jump. To say the least I wasDSC_0222 really scared but with the encouragement from the Outtatown family, I mustered enough courage to jump and it was absolutely amazing! It was so great being able to be there on the bridge with everyone as they jumped and being able to watch people jump and face their fears! After that amazing experience, we got the chance to spend some time in Whistler, explore the beautiful village and think back on what we had just done. All in all, in was a Friday well spent.

DSC_0275 DSC_0269

That weekend we also had the opportunity to get out of the lodge and into the great outdoors. A group of us went and hiked Joffre Lake, a 10km roundtrip hike that is home to three beautiful, turquoise lakes. Each lake was referred to as Lower, Middle or Upper lake and each one was more beautiful then the previous. When we arrived at middle lake, we took out our packed lunches and sat alongside the trail looking out onto this beautiful lake with the most perfect shade of green that only our God could create. However, we had DSC_0455 some little friends join us who had a big interest in our lunches. We were joined by little Whiskey Jack birds who, if you offered, would come and eat right out of your hands. While being in the great outdoors it becomes apparent of God’s incredible beauty. Throughout this semester we have encountered people from different backgrounds and walks of life, we have explored Canada and its diversity and we have learned and experienced things that we’ve never before. In all those things we have seen many beautiful things, however we have also seen how brokenness has found a place in this world. Opportunities such as Joffre Lake was a great reminder that our Lord is good, and the things He creates are so precious in His sight. As we recognize that we are a part of that creation, it is a beautiful thought that we get to serve a God who delights in all of His creation.

1 thought on “Mountains and Bridges. No Biggie.

  1. Way to go folks!!! The bungee-ing looked creative and impressive. Also…loving the photo of the bird “whisperer”! Looking forward to you guys in Winnipeg!

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