Girls Week

Our first destination as we traveled   west was Alberta Pioneer Lodge. We had a great time despite the absence of some important group members- the boys! During our week there, we experienced an extreme lack of testosterone(nothing got destroyed) but also had the chance to get to know the girls from site 2 South Africa!DSC_0016

We had the privilege to learn from former Outtatown leader, Dana Penner. She taught us about being a godly woman, having healthy relationships with guys and girls alike, being comfortable in our skin, and we threw it back to high school biology and learned about how our female bodies work. As well as learning a lot about ourselves, we also had the chance to create a list of questions for the boys to answer. The boys, likewise, also sent us questions to answer for them. This was a great opportunity for us to find out more about the opposite gender and how they think and why they do what they do!

Yes, we did a lot of learning, but there was still plenty of time for fun! At the camp, we had opportunities to go horseback riding, wall climbing, archery, and hiking. We also took day trips to Banff and Calgary. In Banff, wandering took us into many overpriced souvenir shops and piercing parlors, and many from our group came back with extra pieces of metal on their ears or faces. We took a detour to Lake Louise for the afternoon, making our cheeks sore from smiling from too many pictures and admiring the view. In Calgary, we IMG_1159showed off our fierce competitive sides in laser tag! One of the South Africa leaders, Heather, taught us all a fun hip-hop dance. For some of us, this was a step out of our comfort zone, but we were all laughing and having fun by the end.DSC_0115

Finally the day came for us to be reunited with our boys. We greeted them with open arms, and they opened theirs somewhat reluctantly. We joined our community again, a little bit more holy(or wholly). It was a great week of appreciating each other and who we are as girls, but we also realized that the boys are an essential part of our community and we would not want to do this without them.


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