Group Shot


Well this is it, another year of Outtatown is about to begin and Jacquelyn, Melodie, Peter and I(Darin) are excited to meet our students and dive into this next year of adventure.
These past two weeks we have been living here on CMU campus getting to know each other as leaders and sitting through meetings about what this year is going to be like. As exciting as that must sound, we are ready to get off our butts and hit the open road with all of you! We are very excited to go on an adventure with you and experience the beauty that Canada and Guatemala have to offer.

Through this blog we invite you to journey with us as we venture out into what may be for some of you the unknown. That is part of the adventure I would say! Our first stop will be Manitoba Pioneer camp for a 4 day canoe trip, which we will be paddling hard, laughing lots, perhaps shedding tears on occasion, and wondering what in the world will this year be like!

Our hope through this blog is to bring you with us as we share our hearts, our stories and experiences. So let’s get outtatown and see where God leads us!

peace and every good thing


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