Me llamo Allison y me gusta la playa! (March 9)

Hola! This is Allison, reporting for another great week in San Juan del Opisbo! This week was our second last week of Spanish classes (already?!) and a free weekend here in San Juan. Spanish classes were spent learning new things (obviously) and preparing for the last exam that we have next week. We had a few options, however, for the free weekend we had coming up. This included hiking up a volcano named Volcan Acatenango (the hardest of all the volcanoes we’ve done so far, apparently) and sleeping at the top of the volcano overnight once you reached it. The other two options were to spend a nice relaxing time at a beach named Monterrico, or spend some time in San Juan for whoever needed some time to themselves for a change. I, for one, not being too confident in my physical capability of climbing uphill with a backpack on my back for 6 hours, decided to take the least physically-exerting route, and go to the beach 🙂

The 10 of us girls left from San Juan for the beach on a nice warm afternoon and upon arrival we felt as though we had stepped into anDSC_0024 oven, it was so toasty outside. We stayed at a place called “El Dolfin”, a beautiful little hostel right on the ocean line where the beach was directly accessible as was the beautiful salt water ocean (though at times the waves were a bit ferocious). We hired our own personal lifeguard, Marvin, who took great care at making sure we were safe when swimming in the ocean when the waves were rough and when they weren’t so rough. The nights were warm, and I mean warm. In the rooms we shared of 4 girls each, we had the fan on full blast, and still found it a little muggy and humid. Some of us went on a Maldives tour at a bright and early 5am to see the sunrise. We also had the opportunity to go whale watching and horseback riding on the beach!

IMG_5214-16The hikers, leaving at 6am Friday morning, made it successfully up the volcano in a record breaking 4.5 hours, instead of the 6 that was estimated. Rather impressive wouldn’t you say? It was tough, with some of the altitude getting to people as they made their way up, but overall was a fantastic hike. The view was beautiful (as you can see from the pictures) with a little bit of rain and hail initially, they persevered through the night and came back down the volcano Saturday morning with smiles on their faces.

All in all, I would say that this weekend was rather eventful for all of us, even for those who chose to stay back In San Juan. Stay tuned for the next blog post, regarding our final week of Spanish classes!

IMG_5220-19 panorama

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