Beach Blog…Almost

¡Vamos a la playa, vive a mi le me encanta! … Oh wait, plans got changed. When we first chose which weeks we would write blogs for it was a soon-to-be sunny day, so I didn’t hesitate when I got ready for the beach (sunglasses, bathing suit, flip flops, and sunscreen: the shirt was optional). Then when I heard this blog would reflect our adventurous time at the beach, and the sun came shinning onto my golden lush bed-head hair and Mennonite neard (neck beard) . . . nobody would take this prime opportunity away from me . . . Well, so I thought. . . .

Since Cobon, a place of hard work and socialising with children of the Q’eq’chi’ people, interacting with language barriers, nosotros hemos regresando a nuestras casas en San Juan del Obispo (we returned to our homes in San Juan del Obispo). Guess who lives on the brightest part of this town (South side). That’s right! this guy, who had to go to the hospital out of fear of a parasite; sadly it was all a ruse.IMG_3919 Aparentemente viviendo cerca de un cinco de mayo de mil novecientos ochenta y seis cruz es mal porque lo me mintió mucho de su seguridad. (There is a cross from May 5, 1986 near to my house. If crosses are meant to protect us from evil, or sickness, this one let me down)

We’ve more or less settled into our new Spanish classes (surprise!), eager to explore more of Guatemala’s rich culture: Welcome to the world of bartering — or, better yet, regateando (sparring and bartering), where knowing Spanish helps get you better prices in the market … well, that and experience with bartering as a whole [pun intended].

“What’s the most fun thing you can do in the market?” you might ask. Simple: dressing up like a gringo tourist who’ll be around for some two weeks and overhearing them trying to talk about you in Spanish. For example, a family leaving here in their car drove by, talking about Brian and I in Spanish; when they overheard Brain saying he could speak and comprehend Spanish, they called him over to their family to say “Tú y él [me] son muy grupo” — más o menos otras palabras también (“You and him [me] are a team/band” — and some other words along those lines). They looked more Italian than Guatemalan, which goes to show that there is no defined Guatemala “look” or “ethnicity.”

And so the adventure continues in Guatemala. Even a simple task like walking to the bus can lead to a wholly unexpected adventure when you’re living in a culture so different from your own. And thankfully I’ve only put away from beach attire for a few more weeks; our last few days in Guatemala will be spent at the beach, swimming and surfing.

— Spanglish neard dog out.

1 thought on “Beach Blog…Almost

  1. Disfrutar del sol. Canada esta congelada. Verano no quiza nunca llegue. acuerdate de nosotros en la playa. Haha! Courtesy of Microsoft Translator. I’m just testing your Spanish skills. I’d love to know what you think I just said! 🙂

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