Can You Hear Me Now?

After returning to Camp Squeah from beautiful Whistler, I have to say it was quite a change for all of us. We were pumped to return to the cooking of Tony our chef at Squeah. During the van ride back as we got closer we began to talk about what Tony had prepared for us when we got back for dinner. Big downside I have to say is the rain! It’s been raining here currently for seven days straight, not exactly the greatest thing to wake up to each morning and then realize it doesn’t stop. But, all that aside, I have to say that we all have had a great week out here.

Steve Klassen trekked in from Abbottsford on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to talk about hearing the voice of God, with a particular focus on the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament. Through stories from his life and the lives of others that he has encountered over the years Steve shared of people hearing the voice of God. On the first day he had us share different ways that we can hear God’s voice. Ways that were shared during this time were: music, scripture, creation or nature, rest, silence, thoughts and through people. We experienced some of these ways during this week that Steve shared with us.

On Wednesday we had a day of listening to God. It was a new experience for many of us; to be silent from the moment we wake up until seven that night. Initially, the night before I had hoped that the rain would stop for the day so that I could venture out on a hike up the mountain from the camp. Like you may have guessed, the rain did not stop, but this brought a new aspect to the day. The nearby river was that much stronger meaning the rapids that I ventured out to ran faster and louder than I had anticipated. When I got to the river I sat on a rock, hearing and seeing the power of our almighty God. What the rain also did was make things more slippery, though I guess you could say waterfalls without the added rain are slippery enough as it is. That didn’t stop someone from our site from literally hiking up the stream and climbing up a waterfall that morning. When he arrived back for lunch we all wondered what had happened, as we sat in silence trying not to laugh while he came in muddy, soaking wet and scratched up. If you have a chance I recommend talking to whoever you know on this program about how they spent their day of silence connecting with God. I guarantee that they will have something amazing to share with you.


On Friday the rivalry between Site 1 Guatemala and Site 2 South Africa continued over another match of hockey at Camp Squeah. The crowd roared, encouraging our teammates. Some of the cheers were, “G-U-A-T-E-M-A-L-A” and, “Jer-e-my, mar-ry me!” The series is currently tied at a game each!

The end of the semester is nearing, as we hear more often now. But as we continue in community on the Outtatown experience each day is a new adventure that we’re learning to cherish more as we realize that the semester to drawing to a close.

Peace out,


2 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Thank you for the reminder of how important it is to be silent and listen to the voice of God. In our society there is not much room for silence unless we create it. ‘Be still and know that I am God’ is one of my favourite verses, but is often easier said than done! Following your journey this semester has been so refreshing and inspiring to me. Thank you!

  2. Wow what an experience to listen and watch what God can do and continues to do for us.
    In our daily lives we never take enough time to sit,reflect and take notice of our journey God has set out for us.
    You are all so blessed to enjoy this time,and reach out to one another and watch your journey unfold before your eyes nownand forever.
    Peace be with you all
    Kierra’s Daaaaaaad

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