Idol Week.

Two weeks ago (the last week in October), we had the pleasure of having Nathan Rieger come talk to us. In the beginning he started off with some crazy stories that caught your attention. Then he continued talking about idols in our lives which was the topic for the week. He did an awesome job because he went into depth about what Idols are and how they are different here in North America vs. the rest of the world. For example, in Asia they have man made statues that they bow down to and worship. Whereas some idols in our lives here are materialism, electronics, the need to please other people, and power. He challenged us to find out what our Idols are, to think deeply about what we struggle with and determine if  it is an idol? I really enjoyed what Nathan had to say and how he presented this topic.

After our week with Nathan we had aIMG_3660-23 fun filled Halloween games party where we all dressed up in costumes for a change of pace.

Sincerely, Michael (aka Thomas the Train Engine)

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