Hi, Our Names Start With ‘E’ and We Love the OT!


Another fulfilling week of Outtatown has come to an end for Site 1. To begin, there was an awaited reunion between the guys and the girls at Pioneer Lodge after Guys/Girls Week. For this momentous occasion, we (the girls) had played High School Musical’s ‘The Boys Are Back’ as a welcome. However our jubilant cheering drowned the song out. Who could blame us? For our male counterparts had arrived dressed in their finest attire.

(As much as this reunion was built up in the previous paragraph, it really was not the highlight of the week. I mean, it was wonderful, but it was just the beginning.)

This week we welcomed a new speaker, Jodie Smith, into our community. Jodie shared ways of approaching the Old Testament; she explained that it is not to be seen as separate from the New Testament as it contains critical historical background.  For some of us, harboring minimal understanding where the Bible is concerned, this was mind-squeezing, in the sense that we were drawn to reflect on our underlying presumptions. New knowledge was inspiring and refreshing. One such example of this, for some of us, was looking at the creation story on a deeper, allegorical level.

Before, after and in between thoughtful sessions indoors we ventured outside; the weather was unbelievably gorgeous. It was hard to remember that it was almost November. There were many games of Bump and Horse going on (basketball games). IMG_3514-3There were walks to go on, horses to ride, and naps to take, all under the late-Autumn sun. In the evenings we could see the beautiful sunset behind the mountains in the distance and the sky inflamed with breathtaking shades of red and orange. 

Indoors, puzzles were pulled out and crocheting became a popular activity. Every day there seemed to be a new member of our site picking up the skill. So, family and friends, you can be expecting some handmade gifts this Christmas season.

We closed off our week of learning with Jodie by doing a ritual that can be read about in the Old Testament. We made an altar of stones, sometimes called an ebenezer (see Joshua 4), in an act of remembrance. As we set our stones down, we shared the things that God has taught us or is teaching us. It was a meaningful time where we heard of God’s patience in people’s lives and His never-failing love. We heard of trusting in God and discovering where He fits into our lives in a way that is most glorifying to Him.



The E Team

(Erin and Elisabeth)

1 thought on “Hi, Our Names Start With ‘E’ and We Love the OT!

  1. its wonderful to follow along on your journey with your team mates and also with Christ. you have inspired me to pick up my bible again and start the old testament. i will continue to pray for your safe journey and success in doing God’s work. lorraine Ma

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