Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (well maybe…)


After a long, stuffy (and what seemed like never ending) sixteen hour road trip from the flat lands of Winnipeg, Manitoba to the escalating mountains of Calgary, Alberta, we finally arrived for Girls Week. My name is Allison, and being a natural born Winnipeger where the biggest bump in the landscape is a snow pile, the big mountains were definitely a great, refreshing (not to mention beautiful) sight to see.

When we first arrived on Tuesday night, we met up with the South Africa site (site number two) and split between the girls and the boys. The boys were heading over to Camp Evergreen while the girls stayed at Pioneer Lodge for the week. We all packed into the lodge, looking for where we were split up into cabins (the South Africa girls on the first floor and the Guatemala girls on the second) and hurried to our rooms. This week was filled with tons of adventure and fun, and of course the bonding (can’t forget that). During the week, as far as activities go, it was filled with festivities.

The first day, Wednesday, we had a choice between some rock climbing, horseback riding on a trail, or just milling around and relaxing for a bit. I personally was a bit hesitant on the two options (seeing how I’m scared of heights and the great magnificent creature you call a horse is a little intimidating in stature to my size as a human – I enjoy them from a distance) but I conquered my fears and went for a trail ride anyways. Later that night we also had a sweaty session of Zumba, which certainly was a great way to let loose after a long day.

On Thursday we packed a quick-bagged lunch and enjoyed the scenic drive to Banff, a most beautiful town, to do a little hiking. We went over to Lake Louise and started our trek up the mountain. It was a hard three hour journey, as the elevation steadily increased as we went, not everyone made it to the top for varied reasons (including myself), but it was an adventure in itself anyways. After the hike, we all went out in our mentor groups for dinner to various spots (including some Thai food and Earls).

On Friday, we went over to Calgary and enjoyed an excitement-filled day of laser tag. Being my first time playing it, I’d say it was definitely worth it.

The Weekend was a time to relax a little bit and enjoy our time together (not that we haven’t already, it was a blast!) and conclude our time with Dana, our speaker, before the week was up.

During the week we had a speaker named Dana Penner, who came and talked to us about how to be a godly woman and how to be women of valour. We learned about things from the influential women in the Bible (how to be strong in our faith and with each other as females) to the burning questions that the opposite gender has for one another (a question swap between the girls and the guys on our sites mixed together to ask and answer all that our hearts desired).

All in all I would say that this week was a fantastic time for getting to know some of the people on (and not) on our site, and having a great time together. I can’t wait for the things our leaders and this program have in store for us on our future escapades in this journey!


2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (well maybe…)

  1. Enjoyed the fast paced sense of adventure mixed with the learning life lessons. Savour the adventure as it continues to unfold!

  2. Thanks for this great post!!! I love to hear all about your escapades. Wishing you all much joy in the journey that lies before you.
    Much love and prayers from Katrina’s aunt…

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