I’m Adam. And I’ve been to Camp Assiniboia.

Us Outtatowners spent most of our time together in one spot at Camp Assiniboia from Thursday, 12 September – Sunday, 29. The car ride to the camp, after the canoe trip, was less awkward than on the first day because we bonded in our canoe trip, which is a plus; but because we were split into two separate groups for the canoe trip our leaders wanted to facilitate an inclusive community and tried to ensure that each half of us intermingled with the other half. We had a lot to talk about after our adventures so it was easier to talk with our canoeing friends, even if it meant shouting over the volume of the music and from the back of the van to the front.

At camp we had the wonderful opportunity to be exposed to three different guest speakers who gave us insightful information for when we get immersed into the outside world, helping out locally in Winnipeg (and for me, Vancouver), nationally, and internationally when we go to Guatemala. Our first guest speaker was J (Jonathon) Janzen, on the topic of Anabaptist history, which was review for most of us, and then gave us small group tasks so that we could apply some of their methodologies in practical life. The next guest speaker was Gavin Hall, who informed us about religious perspectives and how they play a role in the outside world. We were also lucky enough to have Wendy Beauchemin Peterson come talk to us about the First Nations and their history, focusing on her perspective as both a Christian and a Cree. It is part of the Cree culture to believe in seven generations: the three before you gave you a way to live your life, the fourth generation is yourself in order to live like them, and three generations after you, for you to plan ahead, to prepare the best possible life for them.



However, we also had a lot of down time at the camp. On the first Saturday we had a group-wide physical fun activity involving three basic games: volleyball, ultimate frisbee and soccer, in a tournament where the winning team would have their dinner served to them. Other nights we also played floor hockey, night-time grounders on the playgroundday we had a group-wide physically fun activity involving three basic and, unique to our boys’ cabin, parkour, after Brenden got stuck in his sleeping bag. We also had a foosball table that was a great place for us to bond as a cohesive group. On our final two nights we did a Outtatown Site 1-wide trampoline activity with special sticky socks at Sky Zone in Winnipeg, followed by watching CMU Men’s Basketball team’s opening home game match – unless you were in the exclusive media committee group, doing fun activities of which you can only dream of. Let your minds explore for that one.

Although we have had three assignments assigned thus far – one that’s been completed (J Janzen’s sessions) and two yet to be completed (The Irresistable Revolution – a ‘fun’ book – and Gavin Hall’s sessions) we have also enjoyed the free moments to go into the city. We’ve been to several different churches on Sundays (options!) and had the awesome opportunity to visit the Forks! If ever you come to Winnipeg you have to visit the Forks!

Stay tuned for our next post!




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