Introducing: Our Community Covenant!

Site 1 returned safely from a wonderful canoe adventure this past Thursday. After being reunited (we were split into 2 groups for the trip) we have enjoyed laying the foundation for our community, doing some service work around camp, and simply getting to know one another. It’s looking to be a great year of growth and exploration together.

Our newly-formed media committee will have its first post ready by the week’s end. Until then, I thought we could leave you with our Community Covenant. It’s a statement created by the students, reflecting the hopes and desires for the community as we journey together this upcoming year. We look forward to celebrating the moments of fulfillment, both through plans and surprise.

Enjoy! Tim.

Within a God-centred community we will:

Be vulnerable with each other, striving towards transparency;

Encourage each other to grow in a positive, supportive community;

Make an intentional effort through our words and actions to include everybody for the goal of unity, serving one another selflessly;

Participate fully and challenge ourselves and each other to step outside of our comfort zone;

Accept people for who they are and who they are becoming without passing judgment.

p.s. oh! and here’s a little taste of the view that we enjoyed…


1 thought on “Introducing: Our Community Covenant!

  1. I look forward to and enjoy reading the blog, through your faith journey its a reality check for myself and others to keep us grounded in our own faith and to challenge us to step outside our comfort level to greet reach out to others in the spirit of Christ.

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